Lamb Ears With Fur 100g - Meadow Farm

Lamb Ears With Fur 100g - Meadow Farm

Highly digestible, high in protein & Low in fat.

Great for dogs who can't tolerate other proteins such as beef or chicken. Their natural structure offers a semi-durable chewing experience for dogs of all sizes while offering a natural lamb aroma.

Why with hair, how does it work? The hair attached to each ear can help aid de-worming within your dog's intestinal system. As the hair passes through their system it acts as a natural cleanser. If any worms are present within their system they will attach to the passing hair and into your dog's stools to help end the cycle and growth of the worm.

Lamb Ears with Hair Benefits:

100% Pure Lamb

Helps aid de-worming


Suitable for dogs of all sizes

Helps support healthy gums and teeth

Raw feeding friendly

No added Synthetics or Preservatives

100% lamb
Raw protein 85.9%
Natural fats 4.9%
Raw ash 5.0%